We’re delighted to be part of the Tesco Lifestyle Food Fair which is running in selected Tesco Extra stores over the next couple of months.

Tesco have pulled together a whole range of products to support common dietary needs and lifestyle choices including brands from the UK and further afield. For the first time the whole Genius Gluten Free range will be available in one place so you can get all your favourite food under one roof.

You will be able to buy all of these tasty treats on the Tesco schelves:

Genius Gluten Free Range                                                

As well as the Genius Gluten Free range you will also find:

free from: Free From indicates that these products are “free from” wheat and gluten. Some products may also be dairy & milk and/or egg free. All these foods are suitable for Coeliacs, anyone with a wheat and/or gluten allergy or intolerance or for those who simply choose to adopt a Free From diet.

vegan-friendly: A dedicated range of products that do not include meat, fish, dairy and eggs and are therefore suitable for a vegan diet. None of these foods are processed using animal products and honey or bee products.

future food trends: We scoured the globe high and low to source the latest food trends. Products include a range of low sugar, no added sugar, sprouted grains, chia, and ancient seeds & grains.

nut free*: Products labelled ‘nut-free’ are free of tree nuts and peanuts. The term ‘tree nut’ refers to a variety of nuts including almonds, walnuts, Brazil nuts and cashew nuts.

organic free from: indicates that these products are ‘organic’ and ‘free from’ wheat and gluten and in some cases milk and/or egg free. ‘Organic’ food has been produced to standards that are kinder to nature and the environment.

source of protein: Everyday food items that are ideal for an increased protein diet. Protein encourages growth and repair of muscles and contributes to healthy bones. Our Source of

The Lifestyle Food Fair is running in the following Tesco Extra stores:

Aberdeen Extra

Durham Extra

Redruth Extra

Ashby De La Zch Extra

Gallions Reach Extra

Risca Extra

Bar Hill Cambs Extra

Glasgow Silverbrn Ext

Romford Gallws Cn Ext

Barrow Extra

Hartlepool Extra

Sandhurst Extra

Batley Extra

Hastings Extra

Sheffield Savil Extra

Bidston Moss Extra

Havant Extra

Slough Wellington Ext

Blackpool Clifton Ext

Horwich Extra

St Helens Extra

Borehamwood Extra

Inverness Extra

Stockton Extra

Bournemouth Extra

Irvine Riverway Extra

Stretford Extra

Bradley Stoke Extra

Kings Lynn Hrwck Ext

Surrey Quays Extra

Broadstairs Extra

Lakeside Extra

Swansea Extra

Burnley Extra

Leeds Seacroft Extra

Swansea Llansmlet Ext

Cardiff Extra

Leicester Extra

Swindon Extra

Carrickfergs Cstl Ext

Leigh Extra

Talbot Green Extra

Cheshunt Extra

Long Eaton Extra

Walkden Extra

Chester Broughton Ext

Longton Extra

Warrington Extra

Chesterfield Extra

M K Kingston Extra

Watford Extra

Chorley Extra

New Malden Extra

West Durrington Extra

Cleethorpes Extra

Newcastle U/T Extra

Weston Favell Extra

Colchester Extra

Newport Gwent Extra

Widnes Extra

Corby Oakley Rd

Newport Spytty Extra

Wrexham Extra

Corstorphine Extra

Oldham Hudrsfld Extra

Yardley Extra

Coventry Arena Extra

Peterborough Extra

Yate Extra

Craigavon Extra

Pitsea Extra

York Extra

Culverhouse Cross Ext

Prescot Extra

York Tadcaster Rd Ext

Dudley Extra

Redditch Extra



Tesco have also teamed up with The Nutricentre to offer help or support on any dietary questions. You can call for FREE* advice from a fully qualified NutriCentre nutritionist.

E: thelifestylefoodfair@nutricentre.com

T: 0345 222 0131 (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) 

We’d love to know what you think about the Lifetsyle Food Fair just include the hashtag #LifestyleFoodFair on Twitter.